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Our founder and principle teacher, Barbara Mader, High Mesa Healing CenterOur founder and principle teacher, Barbara Mader, is a registered nurse and member of the AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association, http://www.ahna.org/).  She is a wise woman skilled in the healing arts. Her techniques include, and often are a blend of, Healing Touch; Crystal Therapy; Flower Remedies; Sound Healing; Shamanic Healing and BioGenesis. With these wonderful skills, Barbara’s work leads to both inner and outer healing. Successful pain management and stress relief are only two of the benefits of a session with her. Others include Chakra clearing, increased energy, greater inner peace and the release of subconscious blocks. Our Healing Therapies page will give you a brief overview of these modalities and outline more of the benefits.

 Our Mission at HMHC is:

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The High Mesa Healing Center yurt and grounds are available for weekend retreats and spiritual gatherings. Email us at highmesahc@windstream.net or call us at (575) 336-7777 for availability.

Barbara traveled to Land of the Maya to visit Hunbatz Men at his sacred sanctuary and traveled with him throughout Guatemala, Honduras and Beliz doing ceremony and ritual at the many sacred sites.

Hunbatz Men is a shaman, respected ceremonial leader, Mayan Daykeeper (an authority on the History, Chronology, Calendars and Cosmic Knowledge in Mayan civilization) and Maya Itza Elder.  He has devoted his life to reviving the wisdom and culture of the ancient Mayas.  For more information about Hunbatz Men and Mayan history, visit his web site.

Barbara recommends the following web sites for valuable information about holistic health and healing touch.